Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Failure and A Success

So...there's this neat art website called, based in San Franscisco, that Frans frequents (and has gotten me into as well.) In addition to featuring various artist interviews and galleries, they run a weekly (well, allegedly weekly) competition called "Free Fridayz", in which they post a topic and request submissions of artwork based around that theme. Pretty much the only rule is that you have to stick the words "fecal face" somewhere in the drawing to verify its authenticity. Sometimes the prizes are great, sometimes they're mediocre, but it's always fun to see peoples' different takes on the same subject.

A few weeks ago the topic was "That Guy", so I whipped up this drawing:

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and my inking is coming along (though still miserable in comparison to anyone who is serious about inks.) Of course, I got a grand total of TWO votes (one of which was from Frans), and then this gem: "I have to say #6 [my entry]" and then, in the next post, "oops, I meant #7 not #6". Oh, well. :P

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