Monday, December 1, 2008


Been on a horse drawing kick lately (no surprise there), so I decided to give my new watercolors a shot on some small head studies. I don't have much watercolor experience, as I used to consider it too fussy (instantly conjuring up images of old ladies and hackneyed, saccharine flower still-lifes) but, of course, it's really an ideal medium for illustration. In general I think these turned out all right--the Fjord and the Paint are my favorites.

Anyone who has Dorling-Kindersley's "The New Encyclopedia of the Horse" by Elwyn Hartley Edwards will probably recognize the photo references. I used to check out this book from the library when I was in middle school for as many consecutive sessions as possible; this was probably contemporaneous with an incident in which I somehow racked up $115 in overdue-book fines and had to ditch my library card. Point being, it's an incredible and invaluable reference for any horse enthusiast. All the horses are from this book, except for the Paint horse and the Arab, whose pictures I found on the Internet.

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Dawn said...

These are stunning Claire!

My fav is the cute lil welsh pony

You just get better and better everytime I see your art x